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Saturday, January 31, 2015


Dodoma, Tanzania and a Fly on the Wall

On the left our host, TAG Bishop Steven Mahinyila

I am back in Tanzania planning and working with preparations for our festival in Dodoma in July later this year. This will be the second city of the African Capital City Tour (ACCT). Besides setting up and being at one of our festivals, this is the best thing I know. To come in to a place and share the vision with Bishops, pastors and leaders. Talking with them about what God has called us to do and to see the spark in their eyes when they catch the vision. 

Some of the bishops before we began our meeting

Last night we invited the Pentecostal Bishops of Dodoma to a dinner at one of the centrally located hotels. Sure, they came for some good food but more so to hear what God has placed on our hearts. Pastor Huruma Nkone from Dar-es-Salaam came for the day and together we share the vision of a city wide festival with them. All of a sudden I saw it all over the room, one at a time. The spark, the fire in their eyes. Yes the connection was made. Their spirits resounded to what the Spirit of God was saying. So beautiful when it happens. 

The early arrivals to our pastors meeting

So often we push on and try in our own strength believing that we are working with God when in fact, He is standing there waiting for us to give up, throw in the towel and surrender to Him. Then he can step in and take control. Let us walk in step with the Spirit of God and find ourselves in the middle of His perfect will and timing.

Have you ever wished that you were a fly on the wall during a certain point in time? During a certain episode of history? I have many times. One of them is during the episode that we can read in 1 Kings chapter 6 and 7. There was a great famine in the land and the capital was surrounded and besieged by the enemy. In chapter 7, verse 3 and 4 we can read about 4 men with leprosy that were living outside the city gates in isolation. This morning they say to themselves that if the stay where they are they will die and if the go back in to the city they will also die.

One of them then has the brilliant idea to go to the enemy thinking that if they surrender them may be allowed to live. It is a BAD DAY when your best and only option is go to the enemy’s camp.

And then it happens. The four men limp away towards the enemy camp. But the enemy hears a vast army and is so terrified that they flee leaving everything, even their weapons behind. This is where I would have loved to be a fly on the wall. To see who enters the camp. Not a mighty army. Not people trained for battle. Instead four limping men with an extremely contagious disease. 

All God needs is for us to take a step and begin to move. Then he will move heaven on our behalf and chase any enemy on the run. Let’s take a step for Jesus today. It does not need to look nice or big grand. Just a tiny small step - even towards the enemy will do.

God wants to move on your behalf my friend!

I will try and be back sooner in the future!!!

About Peter Almqvist

Hi, my name is Peter Almqvist and I am a minister of help. I work with setting up large outdoor evangelistic festivals all around the world, primarily in Africa. Currently we are on what we are calling the African Capital City Tour, or ACCT for short. We preach the gospel to those that have not heard or have yet to respond. The cry of the lost has been heard and we are responding to their SOS.


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